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It all started when…

...I bought my first ever DSLR when I lived in London, and was my escape from the mind-scrambling busyness of the capital. It got me out and about noticing the littlest things that many didn't. 

The past few years I didn't explore much, and my beloved camera sat getting dusty under my bed - until recently. I've lived in the North East for almost 4 years now, and have taken for granted its beauty. As 2018 rolled on in I had the sudden urge to out and explore and re-learn how to use my camera properly. Desperate to encourage others to get up off the sofa and explore, I created 'more maud' as a way to share my photography and adventures, and unscramble my ever-so busy brain. 

So here we are, exploring the UK (with the occasional trip abroad) for all its beauty, and hopefully encouraging you to get out and explore.

Are you ready for an adventure? 

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