If you saw my last post, then you’ll know I was wondering if I was going to be making breakfast the next morning. Well, I lost the bet yesterday. 9cm of snow was recorded!! AND the little town we live in was mentioned on the national weather news on BBC! Wowza. I was SO bloomin’ excited that I didn’t get to sleep until 3am. I am the BIGGEST kid ever when it snows. It makes me so happy. I love to hear the crunch of snow under my feet, and it makes everywhere look so pretty, regardless of where you are.

Excitably at 8.30am, I launched myself out of bed and made breakfast so quickly that it was basically a blur. We inhaled cheerios and a mug of tea, put on our warmest clothes and pulled on our walking boots. Man oh man, was I excited! SNOW! As we stepped outside we could see Lilly’s little tootsies in the snow, obviously off for her morning toilet doings. 

As we walked out the back of the house, and up to the fields we came across a friendly, and photogenic horse. Was he/she photogenic, or what?! Definitely my favourite shot of the day. I wonder what horses think of snow… 

In the end we crunched in the snow for 3.5 miles, stopping for a couple of snowball fights. Did you get snow where you are? Do you love snow as much as I do?! 

Stay cosy,
- MM x