The Seated Figure
Well worth a visit, see him before he’s gone!

How to get there:
It’s about a half a mile walk, the track can be a bit boggy so definitely recommend walking boots or wellies. Plug into your SatNav YO21 2NW, and it’ll get you in the area. The Big Fella overlooks Westerdale, and can be seen from the moors road from Castleton to Hutton-le-Hole. 

Life in the 21st century has shifted towards a sedentary lifestyle, in front of screens, sat on our butts. I have succumbed to this lifestyle, and I sometimes get miserable just sat on my sofa glumly staring at a TV or laptop screen. So, for 2018 I am promising myself that I will go out and about with my camera, explore new places and embrace the countryside surrounding me at least three times a month. I need to get out more. I love taking photographs, and soaking in the beauty of English countryside. I live literally 10 minutes from The North York Moors, and have done for almost 3 years… yet I hardly ever jump in my car and explore. I kick myself every time I drive through The North York Moors, forever asking myself ‘Why don’t I do this more often?!’ 

It’s a vast area, spanning across 554 square miles, and has a population of 23,380 people. (And I am very jealous of every single one of those people!) It is also one of the largest expanses of heather moorland in the UK. It’s breathtaking, and super chilly in the winter! So wrap up warm. The sunsets are incredible, and when the heather is in bloom, its beautiful. There’s no place like it, so still, peaceful.

I definitely recommend visiting The North York Moors once in your lifetime, and always check out their website for any events going on. We will be going to their Dark Skies Festival in February. 

In my bid to get out of the house more and explore, I decided to drag my boyfriend off his computer and have a mini trek with me late afternoon to find, what I like to call him - ‘The Big Fella on the Moors’. ‘Seated Figure’ (the actual official name) blissfully gazes over Westerdale from Castleton Rigg, without a care in the world. It’s caused quite a stir, with split opinions on the 3m high, bronze sculpture by artist Sean Henry. But, is this stir due to the resemblance of Jeremy Corbyn? In my opinion, it’s wonderful. Makes a great photograph, and has proved to be a great tourist attraction. 

- MM x