The Most Beautiful Plants

I had a lovely wander, gawping at the amazing architecture, and the (very) expensive furniture shops. Harrogate is a very good place to go window shopping, I must admit! Some of the furniture in the shops are basically my Pinterest board ‘Dream Houses’. I ended up aimlessly walking, and landed myself at Valley Gardens. What a treat it was! It was a beautiful summers day, and I remember it clearly. I perched on a bench, admired the plants, watched toddlers run around without a care in the world, and rang my Grandma to say how wonderful it was.

On a Summer day back in August 2015, I grabbed my camera, jumped in my car and toddled off to Harrogate by myself. I often explored places by myself back then, I seemed very adventurous! Something that I’m trying hard this year to get back into. I had never visited Harrogate before my little trip out, so I remember being very excited to explore such a beautiful looking spa town. Now, luckily my boyfriend is from Harrogate, so we often go there to visit his parents. Any excuse for a mooch around town!!

The Valley Gardens are English Heritage Grade II Listed gardens. Wow. According to the visit Harrogate page, it contains the most amount of natural springs than anywhere else. Incredible! It is open all year around, 24 hours a day, and is a great place I would think to explore in winter as well as summer! Also, bands play in the band stand on every Sunday afternoon in the summer months. I bet that’s very popular with the locals! 

If you’re off to explore Harrogate, then I would recommend exploring this captivating garden. There’s a range of different garden styles, so you’re not short of plants to gawp at! 
- MM x

(I used my NIKKOR 40mm macro lens when capturing the beautiful plants in Valley Gardens in Harrogate)