Where I want to Visit in 2018

Where I want to Visit in 2018

I’m tucked up in bed, wondering if we wake up to a sprinkling ‘like icing sugar’, or a couple of inches of snow tomorrow morning. If it’s a ‘like icing sugar’ situation, then woohoo my boyfriend has to make me breakfast. But really, deep down, I want METRES of snow. I want to be snowed in! Other than snow on my mind, I’m figuring out my top 5 places in the UK that I want to visit this year. This year is all about exploring, especially in the UK.

1. Wales

You may be thinking why Wales? Why somewhere that has s**t weather, practically 24/7? MET office even backs this up very politely with: ‘Wales has an essentially maritime climate, characterised by weather that is often cloudy, wet and windy but mild.’ But I’ve always wanted to visit Wales. I want to walk part of Snowdonia, (obviously not the entire thing, I’m not that mad). Take pictures in Portmerion. Shout “MINT SAUCE” to all the sheep. Also, all the castles! Definitely my top destination this year. 

2. The Lakes

Ullswater. Derwentwater. Wastwater. Maudswater. (I made that last one up). Oh, and Keswick. They’re the places I am dreaming about going to explore! I’ve been to The Lakes as a very young girl, we had a full family holiday in a flint cottage, next to a cow’s shed (I remember the smell of poo every morning). I remember the great bits of the holiday (while others in the family remember the map arguments), tasting carrot and coriander soup for the first time, just because Granddad had it, and the cool bedroom with half a door. Aside from these great memories, the whole family had a great big fall out over map reading. So much so, that we ended up going different directions, and then meeting up eventually to find ourselves in a middle of a field with a bull in it. I have no idea what part of the Lakes we stayed in, but it was lovely! I’ve also visited the Lakes, Bowness-on-Windermere, with my family dog Dillan, when he came to stay with me once.

3. Northumberland 

I reeeeeally want to go and see Alnwick, and Bamburgh Castle. I have a thing for castles at the moment. I also want to get some Northumbrian sand in between my toes, and a splash on the ankles in the sea.

4. The Dales

Often confused with the Moors - just as beautiful, but with a little more greenery than heather. You know what I really want to do, is to have a few miles walk and then stop off at a traditional pub. That’s proper British style! I’ve been to the very exciting (not) cheese factory in Wensleydale, I won't be returning there, although strangely I fell in love with the sticky toffee Wensleydale samples… I think my top attraction in the The Dales would be Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. I looooove waterfalls.

5. High Force Waterfall

To top it off, an epic waterfall. One that I have been meaning to visit for almost 4 years now…… Not far from home, with guaranteed epic photography!!!

Where do you want to explore this year? Join me in making 2018 a year of exploring and adventure in the UK! Let me know if you’ve ever visited any of these places, and any top tips or places to see/ things to do in the comments below!

- MM x