A Seaside Town Nestled in a Cliff

Often found on postcards, Runswick Bay is pretty much picture perfect. But, in Winter… it’s like a post-apocalypse seaside village. Probably 90% of cottages are holiday rentals, so it was dead. Eerily quiet. So quiet that when I was walking up to get back in my car, I was so shocked to bump into a couple that I jumped a mile, said ‘corr, you made me jump!’, and the gentleman replied with ‘did you get any good shots?’, and with that I just replied with ‘yeah yeah’. ‘Yeah yeah’?! I didn’t mean to be so socially awkward, it just just such a shock to see human beings!!!

Anyway, the cottages are like a dream, and you’d be screwed if you didn’t like steps.. ‘cos there’s HUNDREDS. For such a small village on a cliff-side, there’s soooo many cottages, all tucked away in nooks and crannies. Now, I have never been in peak Summer season, and I can imagine it being a buzzing little seaside town, but in the Winter it’s a little odd (but lovely none the less). As I was exploring the winding steps and pathways, I almost felt like I was trespassing all the time. I was half expecting someone to shout out from their cottage ‘GET OFF MY LAND’, and when I heard a door close behind me, I jumped again…….



The beach is renowned for fossil hunting, and rock pooling, and from all that I can gather, there’s only one hotel there, and no village store (I think). There is a lifeboat station, and from the looks of it, a surfing/canoeing school. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, all this seaweed - LOOK HOW MUCH SEAWEED! I’ve never seen so much!), then you’ll know all about David Attenborough and his plea to tackle the plastic that is destroying oceans worldwide. It all became so real when I saw this huge mound of seaweed and this Robinson’s Fruitshoot purple bottle on top. It’s disgusting what we have done to the world, and I do hope we can do something about it before it’s too late. I’ve decided to do my part, and I have got two reusable water bottles and a coffee cup, and recycling to my heart’s content. 

Despite feeling like I was in a post-apocalypse time, it’s a beautiful, and very photogenic seaside village. I will definitely be returning for a summer adventure there. And hopefully bump into a few more people, than just 5…..

Happy exploring,
- MM x