Tranquil, Quaint, & Peaceful

Sandsend, a tranquil seaside village near Whitby. Swarmed with tourists in Summer, and dog-walkers in Winter, it’s a top tourist attraction in the North York Moors. It’s so peaceful. I’ve often gone there for a gentle stroll along the beach, and to listen to the crashing waves. I’ve cooped myself up in my house for a week to make sure I was on top of all my University work, so now I am free for a couple of days to explore in the North York Moors. Usually if I wanted to get sand beneath my feet, I’d go to Saltburn as it’s a lot closer, but today I chose Sandsend. 

I love slowing down the shutter speed and getting the flow of crashing waves, the effects you can get are incredible. It takes a lot of patience to get shots of crashing waves, but its so worth it for that perfect photo. I don’t have a lot of patience for everyday life, but when I have a camera in my hand I seem to have all the patience in the world. 

Sandsend is a sleepy village in Winter, since the majority of cottages are holiday rentals. There are some beautiful cottages, especially in the little valley just off the shoreline. There’s a couple of cosy pubs, a Sandsend store, gift shop, bistro, and a couple of cafes to warm up your cockles.

You won't be short of parking spaces, a place for a spot of lunch, and beautiful views. Sandsend is one of my favourite beaches, and well worth a visit. 

- MM x