Pigs & Produce

I was like a 'pig in poo' feeding the piggies! Pigs are on par with dogs as my favourite animal, so whenever there's a chance to see some pigs, I AM THERE! How could you not love that cute little nose, and how happy they are rolling around in muck. 

Say hello to these cuties! Three Kune Kune piggies, at Minskip Farm Shop a.k.a the most amazing farm shop in the world! I've never been to a farm shop where they have pigs that you can feed with leftover not-so-fresh veggies and fruits. I fell in love, three times. Wanted to take them home!!! Minskip Farm Shop is located in Boroughbridge, near Harrogate. It's my new go-to place. They also have Rupert and Thomas the donkeys, some sheep, and the happiest of hens. AND they are expecting lambs in February half-term, eeeeeeeks! I need/must go. 

Aside from the pigs, the Farm Shop has amazing produce, which are either from their own veg patch or local sourced food that hasn't travelled hundreds of miles. There's also a little gift corner, they offer fruit and veg boxes, and have amazing tomatoes. We got some cherry tomatoes on the vine, and oh my goodness, they were incredible. Oh, and two big oranges. SO juicy. One other thing that I loved, was that they are really trying to reduce their waste this year, which is great! No plastic bags, just paper bags, and selling dried goods from dispensers as of next month. Such a shame that Minskip Farm Shop is not just down the road, booooo.


Piggies, and farm, we shall be back... very soon.

- MM x