Pigs Steal the Show

Yup, we went again. It's our new found tradition that whenever we go to Harrogate we HAVE to pop into Minskip Farm Shop to see and feed the piggies, and buy some of their amazing produce. Just before half-term they had an arrival of three lambs! They were mega cute, and very wobbly on their feet. 

As cute as the lambs were, they were nothing on the piggies. Man, oh man, do I love these pigs! Soz lambs. The oinks and the way they trot over when they see people near their pen is just so adorable. You cannot help but love them. 

Those pink noses! We have agreed that if we have the space, time and money when we get to retirement age, then we ARE GETTING PIGS! OR A FARM! I have always dreamt of having pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, goats and chickens. Will that dream come true? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I will make the most of my new mates who love a good back scratch!!

See you next time piggies!

- MM x