Gobsmacked, & a Sunset

Ever since my Canon 800D landed on my doorstep last month, I have been constantly in awe of the technology and the quality. I felt like I had doubled the quality of my trusty old Nikon D3100, which is hopefully in a brand new loving home. Shout out Nikon, you da best Hun. 

Wow oh Wow oh Wow. I've always looked at stunning shots of sunsets and always thought, 'How do they do that?'. Now I know. Good quality camera, with epic settings. 

I spent all day yesterday on the sofa watching the Winter Olympics, and two Netflix films nursing a bad neck. The first Netflix original film called irreplaceable you was so tear jerking, I was sat there blaring my eyes out! The next, It's kind of a funny story, was pretty heart warming. On Friday at University, my neck just randomly tweaked and I've been moping since, especially because I missed a hockey game :(. I took a look on my weather app to see what the weather would be like at sunset, and thankfully it was sunny / sun and cloud. So I dragged my sorry ass off the sofa and  trotted down the road to the moors. 

As I'm uploading these pictures to this blog post, I still cannot quite believe that I took these!?!?!

So, I've always struggled with capturing sunsets, and as I arrived on the moors I started taking awful pictures with the manual setting. They were awful, I kept looking up and thinking 'for goodness sake, why can't I just take a shot that looks exactly like it does before me?!'. I then had a fiddle about, and found a HDR art standard setting on my Canon's 'creative filters'. Essentially, it takes three continuous shots of different contrasts and stitches them together there and then! I mean, that is ridiculous. I was so gobsmacked by the outcomes, that I just stood there grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I am still gobsmacked. 

As the sun started to set, in the corner of my eye I saw some of the moors sheep walking across the dirt track that I was on. It was picture perfect, so I made my way further along the track and found a gathering of sheepies. Gave them a wave, and thanked them for being great photo subjects. I am not even joking. 

Hands down my absolute favourite photography that I have ever taken. What is even better, is the fact that I did not even have to do much editing! Incredible, and the colours are SPOT ON. Oh my. I am so so so so sooooooooo pleased with these. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 'Cos I was having the time of my life, that is for sure!!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to an open garden full of snow drops, and then off to our new found favourite pub in the moors. Of course my camera will be in my hand, so expect another blog post soon!

- MM x