Snowdrops, Snowdrops & Even More Snowdrops

Where to start? WHERE TO START?

What a wonderful Sunday I had. I toddled around a fantastically beautiful 5-acre garden belonging to an incredible man who, along with a small team, maintain it year-in year-out. Gonna be honest, I was VERY snap happy. Ended up taking over 150 photos didn't I? Not to worry, they are not all going on here! You have a treat of 65 over two blog posts. Aren't you lucky?

Tudor Croft in Guisborough is a privately owned house that opens its gates to the public four times a year. It was my first time going, and I was SO glad I went. I may have brought down the average age there, which seems to be a recurring theme for me. Pretty sure that I have an old soul, am I already ready for retirement? I think so. Get me a plot of land already!

People come from far and wide to visit this chap's garden, and I can certainly see why. I read in the local paper from a couple of years ago, that 1000 people came to visit his garden! It was amazing, even in Winter. Goodness knows what it will be like in the Summer!!!! The garden has so many lovely features, individually styled gardens, potting sheds, greenhouses, old war air raid shelters, and a FERNERY. My, oh my was the fernery my favourite - but more to come in another blog post for that excitement. For this one, I will focus on the HUGE AMOUNTS OF SNOWDROPS. 

I have never ever seen so many snowdrops. Beautiful. 

There were snowdrops of all sizes being sold at Tudor Croft, and I resisted temptation of purchasing any. Simply because I do not have a proper garden to even plant them in, booooo :(. I actually dread to think how much money I will spend on my future garden, it will probably make me sick. It is so easy to get carried away!

I love it when the snowdrops come out, because it's a sign that Spring is on its way!!!

Before you go, can we just appreciate the beech tree with the little gathering of snowdrops? How incredible are those roots?! They looked so good you just wanted to go and stroke them!!

Do come back again in a couple of days to see the rest of the pictures around the garden!

Until then,
- MM x