5 Acres, & an Elf's Garden || Part 1

5 Acres, & an Elf's Garden || Part 1

Now if you enjoyed the Snowdrops post, then you are bound to love this one! Welcome to the magical 5 acre garden at Tudor Croft, Guisborough.

One word - spectacular. That's even in Winter, what on earth is it going to be like in Summer?! I cannot wait to go back in June for a nosy around the rose gardens, and see all the wonderful summer plants in full bloom. No matter where I am in the country in June, I WILL be visiting!

The first thing we walked into was this beautiful fernery. It was also the first thing at Tudor Croft that I fell in love with. I would do ANYTHING to have one of those in my future garden. Absolutely perfect for drawing up a chair, grabbing a cuppa, and reading a book. I have a thing for ferns, they are one of my favourite three plants, which are alpines, ferns and grasses. The fernery was made of limestone from a quarry that shut down years ago. You pay a good price for those slabs these days, so I wonder how much is sat in that fernery!

Next up on our arrow guided walk around the gardens, was a walled herb garden. I am sorry, what? Did I just read that correctly? I LOVE WALLED GARDENS, AND I LOVE HERBS. Goodness, I bet it will look divine in the Summer months! The wall was made from beautiful bricks of all shades of colour, and I am pretty sure there was a fig tree. 

The archway thingy-ma-jig (cannot think what it was called) was made from forty-eight pillars, all made from different bricks! Impressive or what? There was lovely blossom next to it that I could not resist but snap. 

Hands down, my favourite greenhouse/potting shed in the garden. It was just beautiful! This was actually attached to an old air raid shelter from the war. I could not help but keep on peering in, did not really want to leave it to be honest... Can I move into your greenhouse please, kind sir?

That's all folks for today's tour of Tudor Croft, part 2 coming tomorrow. I took that many photographs that I have had to split them up into three blog posts! 

See you tomorrow,
- MM x