5 Acres, & an Elf's Garden || Part 2

5 Acres, & an Elf's Garden || Part 2

Welcome back to Tudor Croft, for the third time running. Glad you came back wanting more! Do not blame you really. 

As we carry on our journey around the gardens, we came across this wonderful potting shed. Eugh, anything to have one of those!! I did almost fall down some sort of cellar bit because I was so excited about how lovely it was...

Someone give that watering can a modelling career. Look at it! Glorious, photogenic, and very pretty. Vogue magazine for gardening equipment? I think so. My faaaaaaaaaavourite, grasses! Those colours, oh yes. 

Buzzy bee hives! Personally think I was uber brave to go near these bad boys since I HATE flying things, especially those with a little stinger on its bottom. By the way, the house behind the insanely cream bench is not Tudor Croft, but its neighbour. 

Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate the precision of the trimming of that bush. Wowza. 

Here we are, the Elf Garden! I did love this little garden, I thought it was so cute. Look at him with his cute little face waiting for a penny or a pebble!!

Almost, sadly, at the end of my photos. So do not leave me now. 

When I was sat editing these photos, I realised that the woman in the rose garden looks to be unintentionally impersonating the statue. Pretty good work there! All she needed was a boulder sundial on her head and she could have been the living statue.

Have you ever seen a more adorable terrarium filled to the brim with ferns of all types? Gosh, I loved it so much. I will recreate this, and it will be my pride and joy. 

Thank you for being patient with me, coming back and reading and seeing the rest of the visit to Tudor Croft. I just had so many photos that I wanted to share with you, that I could not pick out only a few!

- MM x