The Old Unicorn Cottage

A Post Dedicated to my Granddad

Ruswarp has the most amazingly beautiful cottages, the kind where you walk along like 'ooooh', 'aaaahhh', and then nearly twist your ankle tripping off the pavement. 

Our hockey game was annoyingly cancelled on the way to Durham, so I was determined to watch some hockey. The 2s were playing in Whitby, the sun was shining, and to the upset of my boyfriend who was also playing hockey, I grabbed my camera and headed out. After the game I went home via Ruswarp. 

I had been to Ruswarp a couple of years ago with my old housemate, when she used to live just round the corner from this village. We rented out a rowing boat, and horrifically attempted to row. After rowing in circles, and not getting very far, we had a little wander in the River Gardens, and the garden centre. Yesterday, it was dead. No boats, no tourists, and the River Gardens and the miniature railway was not open. Despite being one of the very few in the village, it was really lovely. 

As I got onto the high street, I found an intriguing footpath along the back of cottages. I had a good wander, and came across a wall that I fell in love with. Every now and then I would come across doors of people's back gardens, and goodness I want those doors! Do not know if I am odd, or...

Four years ago today we lost the most amazing man, who am incredibly proud to call my Granddad. Whenever I go for a wander in the moors, or anywhere in fact, I think of my Granddad. He used to love going out and about, being in the countryside, and I think of how much he would have loved to be exploring with me now. 

So, Granddad, this one is for you. As you did all your life, I will continue to explore and love nature in all its glory. 

- MM x