I cannot even remember the last time we went to Whitby, must be early last Summer. Which is crazy to think, as it is only 30 minutes down the road! I love Whitby, the boats, the shops, and the quaint architecture. 

It was a pretty nippy day, not gonna lie, especially walking out to the lighthouses. But it was beautifully sunny, and was pretty warm in the town out of the wind. I loved the patterns on the brick of the main lighthouse, almost a camo design! I was very tempted to go up the lighthouse for £3, but my goodness, it would have been extreeeeemely cold up the top, that can be for another day.

Cue the bag lady! Forever the bag lady faffing around. 

Do you ever wonder how many unintentional photos you land in across the world? The other day I genuinely thought to myself how we can all be in hundreds of photos unknowingly! Anyway, back to Whitby...

It was not really ice cream weather on Sunday, nor are we allowed to have any ice cream yet, since I am doing my best friend's dissertation on sugar. We did have a delightful lunch at Abbey Wharf overlooking the harbour. ALWAYS great food, and the great thing is that they can cook the chips in veg oil for all us veggies! So I had a plate of chips, mushy peas, salad and curry sauce. Who says F&C restaurants/takeaways are not for veggies?! 

I think curry sauce from F&C and Chinese takeaways is such a Northern thing, but my word am I glad I have a Northerner for a boyfriend. I feel like I am now living my best life with the addition of curry sauce on my chips. [Side-note: Why do cats find it most appropriate to stand on your stomach when you are typing away? Lilly m8, why don't you just come and give me attention when I actually want it?! Pls, Hun.]  

I definitely think this Lighthouse right at the end of West Pier is my favourite of the three. I love the colour, especially against bright blue skies!

You HAVE to visit Whitby at least once in your lifetime! It's a delight anytime of the year, and expect hoards of tourists/locals everyday, every season. 

- MM x

P.S, beware of the seagulls.