Wellie Wander

The North York Moors are beautiful even on a dreary day. But my word, was it stunning today. Even though my car was telling me it was -1'c outside, the sun was beating down, so my cockles were lovely and warm (that sounded a bit wrong, but we'll go with it). I was armed with winter woolies knitted by my Grandma (shoutout to my Grandma! Hellooo!), my new Canon 800D, and my tripod, with the mission to capture beautiful shots in Danby. If I can say so myself, I think I succeeded. Big headed, much?!

I parked up outside someone's house, soz by the way to whoever's house it was, and trotted along the road towards the National Park Centre in the heart of Danby. I made some friends (a.k.a frightened the life out of) with some sheepies who were ever so photogenic (cheers guys). As you can see, there was not a single cloud in sight, so the contrast of the bright blue sky against the crisp white snow was breathtaking. 

Have not got a clue what 'Wellie Wander' stands for, but thought it was a cute sign, and a pretty epic title for this post. Just round the corner of where all the locals seem to wander in their wellies, there was an odd looking dragon (or dinosaur - not too sure really) looking mighty fine in the snow. Despite being a little odd, it was pretty impressive as I think it was made from wood, and hand carved. 

I was SO glad that there was literally only tree surgeons operating on a tree in the distance, simply because I would've felt like a right wally taking the photos above... I've not quite got to the stage of not caring what I look like if I take a picture of myself. I should maybe have a sign with me saying, 'I'm taking pictures for my blog, not for my shrine of myself'. Hmmm, or is a blog a shrine? Who knows. Anyway, I just felt rather self-conscious happy snapping myself, ha! Also, it came to my attention of how I dressed today when my friend messaged me, 'You look like you're on holiday in the North of France'. Skiing in the North York Moors anyone? 

So my 1.5 mile walk, pretty pathetic distance considering I was out of the house for 2 hours, was wonderful. I've been waiting for an insane day like today to go out and explore the North York Moors in the snow. I've always been worried that the roads would be ice rinks, but they were perfectly fine today, phew. Had enough of skating in my car on the journey home yesterday!

I have never been so excited before to get home, cram in my SD card in my computer and edit photos. I think that's a sign of picture perfect weather, in picture perfect scenery. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

Spoiler: more photos to come from today soon, as I also took a few shots on the Moors road into Danby, and at Scaling Dam. Don't want to bombard you with too many photos on one blog post, now do I! (Also a good excuse for you to pop back over to have a gander when they're up...)

- MM x