Boats & a Frozen Lake

Warning: Be prepared for bright blue skies, and crisp white snow. A revolting sight, I know.

So here we are, again. Hello, welcome back! Tonight's post is all about Scaling Dam, a place that I have driven past hundreds of times, and thought 'Oh, that looks like a nice spot for a photo'. Yet, I've never visited before yesterday. When the lake isn't frozen, or the boats covered in snow, it's a sailing and water sports club. You'll find windsurfers, paddle boarders, sailors, and kayak'ers (not sure if that's even a word. It is now!). Also, you can do a circular walk around the reservoir, which is around 2 miles.

As I turned into the car park, I suddenly felt like I had made a grave mistake. It was covered in snow, and I've never driven in untouched snow before, so immediately thought 'Oh bums, I'm gonna have to ring my boyfriend to save me from this car park'. I'd like to mention, that I pleasantly surprised myself, and obviously got home safe - as I am not writing this from a random car park - so we can all have a great sigh of relief that I can drive in snow! Yippee. 

Lighting was ever so slightly my enemy yesterday, since I did go out at midday in the height of the daylight, along with the snow on the ground. I had a to do a tad of editing post-capture to make sure that my photos weren't white-washed (excuse the pun).

Much to my surprise, there was a bird hide overlooking part of the reservoir. And goodness, what a view. I kinda forgot that I was really there to look for wildlife, as I was just sat there in absolute awe of the sight before me. I surprised a bunch of twitchers (and no, there wasn't a bunch of people ferociously twitching - the bird twitching kind) who were chatting away in a bird hide that clearly said 'Quiet Please' on the door outside... One of them had a ginormous lens on a camera, and there I was with a puny 18-55mm lens, like 'Hiya'. I definitely think I will be going back to the bird hide when there's an epic sunset, as the sun would set over the reservoir. 

Just before you head off, I would like to point out how bloomin' beautiful the trees were in the car park smothered in snow. I almost fell down a hole to get these pictures, but hey, anything's worth it for a good picture, eh?

- MM x

(P.S another post coming tomorrow of my last photos of yesterday, gosh I am treating you all!)