Dear Weather Man, Thank You

I definitely feel like I've saved the best 'til last. These pictures are my favourite from my snowy day out. Gosh, I can hardly see my laptop screen right now. I'm squinting like a bag of nails, which is probably a good sign I should stop being lazy, get off my bum and get my glasses. May help...

I could hardly keep my eyes on the road driving across the moors on the way to Danby, - which is probably not a great thing to admit, let's be honest. The views were the best I had seen, and I couldn't wait to stop off and take some pictures. The colours were beautiful, and the contrast was picture perfect.

Can you see why I was SO excited to get home and look at all of these pictures? Honestly, I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE snow. You must admit, it makes everything look amazing, even in the worst of places. Admittedly, I hate the aftermath of a whitewash - slush and ice are not the one. 

This winter has made me incredibly happy, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the weather man. You've really treated me this year, so thank you.

- MM x