The Shops of Stroud

Just this week I jumped at the opportunity to check out a potential new homeland for us - Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire/Cotswolds. While my boyfriend had an interview, I went on a jolly to explore the town of Stroud. And boy, did I love it! 

Disclaimer: This town is possibly one of my favourites in the UK. And that is quite a bold statement! I loved the diversity of shops in Stroud. It had the standard high-street ones, but mixed within were quaint and quirky independent shops. 


If I had a little more time I would have properly browsed a lot of the independent shops, but since I had less than an hour, it ended up being a whistle-stop tour of window shopping! I did however, take the time to pop into two that really caught my eye.

Cornflower and Calico


I don't think I have ever walked into a shop with quite a spring in my step, and needing to pick my jaw up off the floor. It was everything I could have ever possibly ask for in a shop. My style of EVERYTHING, quite literally. I wanted to buy everything, from the wire storage baskets, to the enamel ware, and the amazing clocks and lamps. If I won the lottery, I would go straight back down to Cornflower and Calico and kit out my house in it all. Oh man, it was the best shop ever, and I can't wait to go back there one day. I wish I had the guts to ask the fella on the till if I could take some pictures of the inside, because it was just so incredible. What's the worst that could have happened, that he say no? C'mon Laura....

Made in Stroud

Made in Stroud was just magnificent. It was full to the brim of local products, arts, crafts, and everything you could possibly think of. The one thing that caught my eye the most was these beautiful prints that were almost retro, yet traditional, and every one had a different quote, poem or little story on them. I wish I had looked more into who/how/what they were made from, because they were just so lovely, and this little rambling that I am doing now is not doing them any justice!! I was dying to buy one, but couldn't justify yet another thing to hang up in my house....

I had no idea what to expect of Stroud, and I was so pleased that it was full of independent shops. It definitely is important to support your local shops, as they really are the ones that make a town/village/city a little bit different than the next. So, Stroud, in the Gloucestershire hills, you have a huge, ginormous, gigantic, enormous thumbs up from me. I will be back, and I will explore you some more. Not only your shops, but also your places to eat, and drink cuppas in. 

Over and out,
- MM x
( P.S. this is not the only post of Stroud, I have two more coming.... I took around 100 photos)