The Streets of Stroud

Here we are again! Back so soon? Yep, another post on Stroud. 

The town was just so incredibly pretty that I became a little too snap happy, going overboard on the pictures. Hey, who can blame me when the buildings are so unbelievably photogenic, the top of the town has incredible views of the Five Valleys, and the shop fronts are so 'Instagrammable'?

Overall, in the space of an hour I walked almost 3000 steps, which was roughly around 1.3miles just in the town centre. Now that just shows how much of a mission I was on to check out every nook and cranny of the town centre. AND I didn't see it all! I would love to go back and walk the canals, go to Stratford Park, and have tours of the textile mills. Oh, and it is also home to the top rated farmer's market in the UK. Need I say more? This town has it all, when can I buy a house there?!

I have always dreamt of living in a quaint village, with not much going on. But now my view has changed since visiting Stroud. I would love to live somewhere like Stroud, or Stroud itself (let's be honest, I really wanna live there) where I can walk to the town centre, or bicycle, to have a coffee at an independent coffee shop, have brunch, shop for vintage and quirky things, and walk the canals. Sound good to you? Does to me!


The lovely thing about my flying visit to Stroud was the fact that, despite being midmorning on an overcast Thursday in March, it was full of people swanning around, having a mooch about. My kinda feel. 

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the views from the top of town, please? Have you ever seen anything so pretty on an overcast gloomy March morning? Nope, me neither.

Even though I had done my research on Stroud waaaaaaaaay before we left the North East (like weeks beforehand - I love to be organised), I had totally forgotten what I had read on the Cotswolds Tourist website. I had forgotten that I had looked at the pictures of the surrounding countryside and said 'Mmmmm' to myself, and that I had read that it was full of independent shops.

May these posts on Stroud never end......... Until next time!
Expect insanely pretty buildings, and blossom.

Okay, byeeee!
- MM x