St. Mary's Church || Painswick

Wow. I have never ever ever ever ever come across as many yew trees as I did in St. Mary's Churchyard. It looked like floating clouds on stumps. Truly beautiful, and mesmerising. It was definitely such a joy to have accidentally bumped into somewhere that is actually known as 'The Queen of the Cotswolds'.

The church actually is found in the Domesday book, so that is how old it is. Super duper old. Mega old. 

Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod, nor another human to take photos of me, so I could not create the vision in my head. Boo. I had a vision of myself, or another human walking through the cloud-like trees. I did attempt, and failed  miserably, but never mind. 

My Grandad used to love churches, so whenever I get the chance I take a look around the graveyard or churchyard, and if there isn't a service on, a look inside, 'cos I know he would've done the same. Sadly, this time round there was a service on, so no peek inside for me! 

The Lych arch (below) is amaaaaazing. 

Annoyingly, a builder's cone had completely ruined one of my perfectly lined up photos. Just goes to show that you can't always take the shots you want to and vision! 

Right, okay. So, I have just done some internet googling on this church and found out that there are 99 YEW TREES! 99 OF THEM. Da heck. How on earth have they managed to fit 99 yew trees in a church yard?! Pretty impressive... 

You need to have a mooch around this churchyard, and church if you are passing Painswick, for sure!

- MM x