Did We Step into a Movie Set? || Gdansk

Did We Step into a Movie Set? || Gdansk

Welcome back to Poland. We didn't get very far, did we? I took so many photos that I just couldn't pick a few to post... so here we are, again. 

When we strolled through the Dlugi Targ (the Long Market), which is kinda like a market square but not (because it's a very wide pedestrian street), I felt like we had just stepped into a movie set. I have never in my entire life seen such beautiful buildings, which made it difficult to admire and avoid bumping into other people at the same time.

One thing that we noticed was the amount of restaurants in the city in comparison to hotels. The Long Market was just restaurant after restaurant after restaurant, with the odd souvenir shop in between! Sadly, we didn't get round to trying out any of the coffee shops or restaurants in one of these beautiful buildings :(

To live in such a colourful building is one of my dreams - I love how cheerful and happy they look.

Every building was completely different to the last, and the next which made the street so unique. From pastels, to bright colours, to elaborate patterns, each and every one was a joy to admire. 

I've never been to Amsterdam before, but from pictures, it looked very Amsterdam-y. And after doing a little google research, I came to find that even though the Long Market was destroyed during WWII, most of the buildings before us were actually reconstructions of the originals. It is believed that architectural inspirations were from Dutch architects and artists, of which resulted in the gothic, and baroque styles. Well, that explains the Amsterdam-y vibeeeees. We could tell that maybe on a summer evening, the outdoor seating areas in the restaurants and bars would be bustling with locals and tourists enjoying a drink and a meal, sadly it wasn't quite the case during a veeeeeeery cold Easter weekend.

See you next time, for everything else Gdansk related (my last post!!)

- MM x