A Stroll on the Beach

Sometimes I get cabin fever. Literally a 20 minute stroll on the beach, or a march around town does the job. Last week, after hours of working on our dissertations and once we had recovered from a mad 16 mile walk (more to come on that one soon), I decided that it was a perfect afternoon for a quick stroll on the beach. There's nothing quite like getting some sand in your socks rubbing your feet, and the smell of salty sea air. It sure does get you in the right frame of mind! I mean, I have just finished off 2 blog posts, edited 20 photos, and written 2 new blog posts. So I definitely think that sea air has done trumps with me!

Having a beach down the road (quite literally) is the best but I don't make the most of it enough. Granted it's not the most amazing seaside village in the area, but I love the beach as it's in a little bay with wonderfully soft sand. 

It was a perfect day, bright blue skies and sunshine beating down. Really did feel like Spring. The laundry was out on the line, and Lilly was off exploring! I always know when it's a great day, because it'll be when Lilly actually gets off her fluffy bum and goes outside to see what's up! Now she's crashed out, fast asleep. 

I really cannot leave the house without my camera these days, you just don't know whether you'll find the perfect shot. Just like this rusty pipe through a little hill overlooking the sea. We walked past this and I said "Dare you to climb through that pipe", not actually realising it was like a telescope on steroids. What a perfect frame for a photograph!!!

You just don't know what's around the corner!

- MM x