Mandu || Gdansk


If you do not share as much of a love for dumplings as I do, then please leave now. Clearly this post would be wasted on you. I'm not even joking, you know.

These were THE best dumplings I have ever eaten - hands down! Before we left the UK I had spent some time researching the best spots to eat, and Mandu came up trumps with all the reviews. They had an extensive menu of traditional Polish dumplings, and others from all over the world, as well as veggie and vegan dumplings. Boooy o boy, was I excited! I'm actually hungry right now, so just reminiscing about my tofu dumplings is making me uber hungry! Mandu, why are you not in the UK? Delivery? Can you deliver me number 12 please, 1st class? And whack in some sweet dumplings for good measure too.

12 fried dumplings filled with tofu and smoked paprika was what sat before me. My eyes nearly popped out my sockets with excitement. Scrumptious. Delicious. Moreish. Oh, and vegan mayonnaise too! Safe to say, all 12 of them went down the hatch no problem at all.

A good sign of a brilliant restaurant is when it's busy and full all day, everyday. We turned up for a late lunch, or what I call 'dunch', at around 4pm and had to wait for a table! Madness! Well worth the wait for a table, and for the dumplings themselves. They have a dumpling station as soon as you walk in (forgot to take a pic), where they make everything on the menu (which is a lot) fresh and handmade! If we weren't going to try out our hotel restaurant for dinner, then I would've been tempted for their sweet dumplings for dessert! 


The walk there from our hotel was a nice one. I may sound weird when I say this, but I am fascinated with graffiti, and the route we took was just covered in it. In Eastern European countries, graffiti isn't considered as serious of a criminal offence as over here. So I happily took advantage of this by photographing graffiti much to the confusion of my boyfriend, 'Why are you taking photos of graffiti for?!'.

I just wish Mandu was in the UK :(
- MM x