PURO Hotel || Gdańsk


Can you guess just how much I loved this hotel?! Now I knew it was going to be incredible because one of the reasons why I booked it was down to the interior, but oh my goodness

For Easter we went on a very mini-break to Gdansk in Poland. A little teeny weeny port city right at the top of Poland, on the Baltic Sea coast. It was a perfect getaway for escaping the feeling that we have been having recently. The feeling of the unknown. Standard final year undergraduate student feeling when you just do not know what is around the corner. Am I going to get a job? Am I going to be slob? Please someone employ us. So, Gdansk, thank you for allowing us to escape and take a long breath.

I'm not going to ramble on about how wonderful Gdansk is itself, because you have a treat coming! MANY blog posts, because in the space of 1 full day, 1 evening and 1 morning, I managed to take 400+ photos. Not sure why I do it to myself. This blog post is purely to admire, drool, and take inspiration from EVERYTHING in this hotel. 


Putting to one side my excitement of the interior, you know what really put PURO hotel at the top of my list of hotels I have ever stayed in? The fact that the restaurant, and bar served the most incredible food and drinks - it was such a breath of fresh air. So many times I have stayed in hotels, 3* and 4*, and the food was probably a 1*, pants! But not at PURO. The restaurant, The Dancing Anchor, served the most incredible tasting food for breakfast and dinner. My veggie dinner at The Dancing Anchor consisted of baked avocado and eggs, with a side of horseradish mash, and grilled corn. I am drooling. Then to follow, was the most amazing apple tart. Considering I would class the food as potentially fine dining, the bill came to hardly annnnnything. We had breakfast for both mornings that we stayed, which was a good spread of continental breakfast foods. I particularly enjoyed the scrambled eggs (IT DIDN'T TASTE LIKE RUBBER!!!!) and little pots of berry compote, greek yoghurt and the most delicious granola. Mouth is watering. Now, let's not forget The INK Above. The hotel's rooftop bar overlooking the river (unfortunately a building site at the moment since they are redeveloping a row of buildings adjacent to the road PURO is on), which had an epic menu of cocktails. If I drank alcohol, then I'd be in there trying all the cocktails straight away. Since we stuffed ourselves with food from downstairs 7 floors, we went for a couple of hot drinks to start with while flicking through '100 Getaways A-I, and I-Z' book before we were tempted into trying one of their cocktails by the barman. Thankfully they accommodated to 'strange' people like me who cannot tolerate alcohol, by replacing it with sparkling water! If you expected pictures of the food, sorry. Food does not hang around long enough for me to take photos of it....


Say hello the future interior of our future mansion. Everything about this hotel's interior was SO up my street. I loved the almost industrial feel, yet retro and stylish. I'm not sure if it is to everyone's taste, but I loved the rope lights, the neon lit artwork, and geometric mural. Because I was just imagining all the furniture in our future house, I decided to check out the brand of some of the furnishings that I was sitting on. One of the chairs in the rooftop bar was ££££, so I dread to think the cost of the pure marble coffee tables........ erm, when's the next Lotto rollover? I will definitely be using these photos as inspiration for future furnishings for sure. Also, can I just mention how INSANE the pillows were? Just imagine resting your head on a cloud in the sky. Yup, it was just like that. The mattress too. Goodness, best night sleep ever! We were trying to calculate the possibility of Gaffa taping the bed to the plane. Unfortunately, our baggage allowance did not cover for a bed. Shame, Lilly (the cat) would've really enjoyed that bed too. Almost forgot, there were so many interior, branding, and photography books to look at throughout the hotel, which was such a lovely touch. 


Perfect location. I don't think I could've picked a more perfect hotel, not being big headed or anything... It was right on the end of the old town - literally 2 minute walk away, and on the riverside. We ended up doing a loop of the riverside, coming across the Gdansk sign, and finding out how close we really were to everything. Everything seems so far away on Google maps! It is also within walking distance of the main train station, probably about 20 minutes stroll. Perfect walking distance after a 2 hour flight from the UK.

If you haven't figured already, this hotel ticked all my boxes, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Also, I grabbed us a brilliant deal of £50 a night without breakfast, and after a bit of research, the brand of this hotel in other locations across Poland are a little bit more expensive but still absolutely brilliant value for money! Recommend, recommend, recommend. You must go! If/when we come back to a Polish city, we definitely will be staying with PURO again. 

Forgot to mention, the hotel also offer complimentary hot drinks that you can take-away. What would have made it even better is if they didn't provide plastic lids! Oh, and free hire of bicycles. If we were brave enough we would've taken some out!

- MM x