Ryedale Folk Museum || Part 2

It seems like a lifetime ago that we visited the Ryedale Folk Museum, so much so that I have forgotten what we got up to. Thank goodness for the photographs! I almost got to the point where I thought, 'hmmm, by the time I write this blog post it'll be July and we'll be back there again for the tractors and engines'! 

So, where did we leave things? Oh, yes. Stang End. After popping in for a nosey around that quaint cottage, it was time to have a gander at the White Cottage.

The White Cottage 

White stonewashed walls, and the most quintessential British country garden, with white picket fences and pots of plants. A very British cottage. It's a restored Victorian cottage from the village of Harome. Inside you'll find a traditional parlour, bedroom and a cosy kitchen. There's even a working range oven, and I was disappointed to not have any fresh biscuits out of there on our arrival. In the kitchen there was a shelf of utensils that made you realise how much clutter we have in our lives nowadays. How have we ended up with cupboards so rammed that you throw in that stained Tupperware container you used for freezing spaghetti Bol, and shut the door so quickly to not have to deal with the tumbling boxes, leaving that situation for the next person who opens the cupboard? I'd love to say I would consider living a minimalistic lifestyle, but hey, I collect things. I mean, I planted some new plants out in my front garden only to find two massive pieces of pottery from an old pot that I've washed to keep. What on earth am I going to do with that?

As I was about to head out of the cottage through the back door, I came across the most adorable collection of glass bottles on a window sill. Couldn't resist a shot. Just down the way from the White Cottage, we came across the potting shed. AKA my heaven.

The Potting Shed

The potting shed of dreams. From recycled shelving units from a post office, to all the tools you could think of. Oh, and the clay pots. Hellllloooo. Considered hiring a forklift and transporting that beauty back home.... I dream for a potting shed like this in my future garden. You'd find myself and Lilly (the cat) in there pottering around (excuse the pun) on summery afternoons. 

The Animals 

Now, make yourself a cuppa. Because, you're going to be so taken back that you're gonna need something to calm yourself down. 

A particular sheep took such a liking towards my boyfriend's father, so much that I thought he was going to hoist the sheep in the boot and take it home. I've never ever come across such a friendly sheep. It enjoyed a tickle on the chin, and a scratch behind the ears, to the extent that it began WAGGING ITS TAIL LIKE A DOG! Was it a dog dressed up as a sheep? Like, what the heck was going on? It even had a smile on its face too, a very satisfied grin, if you like. So, if you fancy petting an animal other than a dog or a cat, then head on down to Ryedale Museum to see the sheep. 

The museum also had its fair share of pretty photogenic chickens and cockerels too. And I can't forget to mention that they had my favourite animal in the entire world. Piggies! The pigs were having a great time, wallowing in the mud and munching on the feed that I launched into their pen. Couldn't resist a little scratch too!

All in all, a wonderful day was had at Ryedale Folk Museum, and I would recommend a visit to anyone and everyone! :)

- MM x