Birthday Sunset

Yesterday I turned the ripe age of 25. Quarter of a century. How did that even happen? 

The day started off with breakfast in bed, of which I then suggested that we pretend that it's my birthday every day for this treatment. The reply was 'this is your only free token for the year...'. Damn.

I was then treated to a lovely lunch of beetroot falafel and a soya caramel latte, finished off with a slice of chocolate cake, in our favourite cafe in Guisborough - No. 30 Westgate. A definite recommendation for anyone - they always have vegan/veggie options as well as meat options on their specials board. And the coffee is to die for. There's only two soya caramel lattes that I would do anything for: the one at No. 30 Westgate and at another cafe in Scarborough called Eat Me Cafe. So silky, so smoooooooth.

After lunch I popped into Guisborough Book Shop and treated myself to 'The AA Landscape Photographer of the Year' book with some of the birthday money from my Grandma. I flicked through the entire book in absolute awe of some of the photography, giving me even more inspiration to get out and about with my camera. I aspire to feature in this book one year.... maybe 2019? 


We made homemade pizzas and then I dragged us out to Sandsend for sunset. The weather isn't going to be as good for the next few days, so I took every opportunity to get out this past week. I loooove Sandsend, and as we were approaching the beach I knew where I wanted to shoot. There was a ridge of sand standing solo, surrounded by an estuary caused by the crashing waves at low tide. The waves were pretty impressive, and made me long for a long lens - but I must be patient! 

I did my usual collecting along the beach once I was happy with my shots. Amazingly I found a fully in tact - with only a slight chip - glass bottle stopper. Which is hands down my best EVER find on a beach! Along with lots of little bits of sea glass. 


Although turning 25 sounded incredibly old, it was a lovely chilled day topped off with a beautiful sunset.

- MM x