Sunset & Long Exposures

University is basically over for me, I've handed in all my dissertation bits and all I have left is finalising a group work report. So, to celebrate my new-found freedom (until I bag myself a job), I'm sitting down with Lilly to my side, writing this post and remembering what a fabulous sunset it was. 

It was about 2 weeks ago that I made a pact with myself. I have now promised myself to make time one evening a week to head down to a local beach, enjoy the sunset and experiment with my camera. The beach is my happy place, and I have come to realise I have taken it for granted living so close to one. It's always the way though, you get so engrossed with what's going on in your life that you forget to embrace the countryside around you. And in my case, it's the North East coast. Possibly one of the most beautiful parts of the country. And I live there! Woohoo!

I remember this day well. All day there was the most amazing blue sky, with the sun beating on down. I'm pretty sure it was the first day of spring that I actually hung washing out, feeling confident that I wouldn't have to rush out like that Kermit the Frog meme: 'Your Mum when she's hung out the laundry and it starts raining'....

We headed down to Saltburn-by-the-Sea just before sunset. The sky was perfect - a bright, but deep orange glow. I jumped for joy at the thought of the photos that I could take! I longed for a telephoto lens so I could capture the offshore wind farm at Redcar against the amazing orange backdrop. I've promised myself one, but until then I will have to be patient and happy with what I have! 

Every man and their dogs were down the beach, but who could blame them? People were having fires on the beach, and the smell of fish and chips was wafting down the sea front. It really was the most perfect sunset on a Friday evening! 

I've always admired fine art photographers with awe-inspiring shots of milky waters and piers, longing to learn how to take that sort of photograph. With a bit of research before going, I worked out (ish) the right settings to do. I started to snap away, waiting for my camera to process the images, only to find out that all of them were so overexposed. I was so disappointed, and frustrated but didn't want to give up. As the sun set, the light then wasn't quite so bright, so I figured it might be best to wait a bit more before trying again.

Just goes to show that a bit of patience really does pay off! Now, these shots are far from perfect, and I have a long way to go to develop my photography style, but man oh man was I so pleased and proud that I had finally shot photographs that I had only dreamed of taking! Practice makes perfect, so I will be off every week to experiment with all my settings, and my new filters to really develop my own personal style. 


I can't wait to share my experiments with you all :)

- MM x