3AM Alarm

Hi. It's been a while - sorry about that. 

Quite honestly, the weather has been pants for the past few weeks, so I felt very unmotivated to go on an adventure. Also, my camera has finally had a good clean, so I'm hoping it's nice and fresh! The beginning of May was a treat. Almost everyday there was an incredible sunset, and now, the past fortnight? Utter pants, apart from a few days. Nothing but a couple of hours of sunshine (if we were lucky), while the rest of the day up here in the North East was inundated with mist, fog and sea fret. However, today I had a peak at the weather app, and HIP HIP HOORAY all week we have sunshine or partly cloudy. Fabulous. 

Until today I had totally forgot I hadn't uploaded pictures from when I set my alarm for 3AM to head to Saltwick Nab, near Whitby. Thinking back, I either had a knock to the head the day before, or was being a blooming genius, because man oh man, it was tough getting out of bed at that time of day, but the sunrise was spectacular.

I had never visited Saltwick Bay before, and it's one of those places that now I'm looking out for landscape photography, I end up seeing eveeeeerywhere. So, I had it in my head that I would be battling my way through hoards of photographers to get the best spot on the beach. Nah, not the case at all. I arrived to a beautiful beach all to myself. Until in the corner of my eye I saw a photographer scrambling over some rocks in the far distance. But I'll let him off.

The iconic shot is of Saltwick Nab (a big ass rock just chilling) and a shipwreck in the foreground. I had noooo idea where this shipwreck was, or how to get there, so I set up camp in front of a group of rocks just on the water's edge. As marvellous as it would have been to find this famous shipwreck, I was by myself, so didn't want to risk getting lost or scrambling over a load of slippery rocks - I know how accident prone I am. Quite frankly, I was pretty chuffed with myself for 1) getting out of bed, 2) not falling asleep while driving, and 3) that I got to witness an incredible sunrise. So all in all, a very successful morning trip!

- MM x