Sandsend at Sunset

Keeping up with my new pact with myself of heading to get sand between my toes, and experimenting with my camera of the crashing waves, I went along to one of my favourite beaches to photograph - Sandsend. 

I think Sandsend is one of my favourite spots because it kind of feels like a forgotten paradise. Head down there on a Wednesday evening, or even a Friday, and you'll only find a handful of people and a few dogs having the time of their lives. You'll also find the most beautiful array of stones, pebbles and sea glass that have been weathered so much by the roaring waves that they have become miniature versions of those you find further up the coast in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. It's hard to imagine that rocks the size of your head end up pebbles smaller than your little fingernail, and then end up as the sand between your toes. How old are they? Where have they come from?

The sky was incredible, as it always seems to be in Sandsend, that I got that excited that I did not look where I was going, and ended up wading through an estuary... Wet feet was an understatement. Sodden! After learning my lesson of watching where I was going, I headed further up the beach toward Whitby, where there were a selection of rocks popping out from the ocean. Perfect composition!

I am still learning how to use all my settings on my camera, so I use these evenings at the beach as a way of developing and carving my photography style. I think I have found what I absolutely adore taking photos of, and that is landscapes. I think focusing on landscape photography goes hand in hand with the sole reason I created this blog - to get out in nature more. It makes you really look into detail where you are, and you start to notice things that other people wouldn't necessarily. 

So these are the photographs that I ended up taking, it was one of my first attempts of taking long exposures. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, so here's to perfecting long exposures in the future!

- MM x