Mallyan Spout Waterfall

Mallyan Spout Waterfall

The past bank holiday I decided to drag ourselves out for a stroll to see Mallyan Spout waterfall. I had been there before 3 years ago, but not as far along the assault course of the rocks to the river's edge as I had Dillan (the family dog) with me. As I drove us through thick mist, I thought that there wasn't going to be too many people at Goathland because of the weather. 

And was I so wrong. It was heaving. The car park was rammed, so we had to go back on ourselves and park on the outskirts of the village. It didn't bother us too much since we saved £3 for parking! 

As we made our way past the Mallyan Spout Hotel oggling at people's scones and cream tea, we started the descent to the waterfall. Every now and then there were glimpses of miniature waterfalls tickling my excitement to see the tallest waterfall in the North York Moors. The humidity was hanging in the air so much so I felt like we could've been in a rainforest in an exotic country. But no, just walking through a woodland in North Yorkshire with sweat pools streaming down our backs.

Once we approached the treacherous scramble over the wet slippery and uneven rocks to get as close as to waterfall as possible, I whacked out my camera, tripod and filters in lightning speed. There were quite a few people, and I hate to feel rushed but also hate to feel in the way. Luckily, I was very happy with the couple of shots of the waterfall itself, so moved onto shooting some water tumbling over some rocks in river out of the way of parents hauling their screeching children over the slippery rocks.

Retracing our footsteps back clambering over the rocks we came across a T junction of pathways. Doing as my brother does best - not going back the same way by always walking in a loop - we took the old railway line path past a quaint cottage, while inhaling the mouth-watering aroma of wild garlic. This part of the walk was when the humidity really hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was melting away.


As we trotted on into the village while athletically hopping over sheep poo, I could not help but stop to take photos of the poo culprits, with one lamb stopping and posing like a supermodel for me.

And that was that, we hopped back in the car and immediately blasted the air conditioning on the way home. 

- MM x