A Foggy Saltburn

As with the majority of the east coast, we have been inundated with an extreme case of sea mist over the past 2 weeks. There's only so many 'atmospheric' photographs you can take before you get sick to death of the bland sky colour.


Just a small glimpse of blue peering out from the thick clouds gets me all giddy. "Is that blue I see? I had forgotten what blue skies look like." However, that phrase has only been said twice.... So, yes. I am sick to death of grey clouds. What's a girl got to do to have a bit of sunshine in her life in England? The beginning of May we saw soooo many insane sunsets, and now? Nothing.

The other day I decided to embrace the sea mist. After we had a mooch in the woodlands and got to see the beautiful Mallyan Spout Waterfall, I wanted to capture Saltburn-by-the-Sea engulfed in sea mist. I knew I was hedging my bets with asking my boyfriend if he wanted to join me down there, so I went by my Jack Jones.

After frantically panicking that I had broken my camera, I came to realise that I had the shutter release clicked down for about 10 minutes (silly me), so after lowering my blood pressure I perched on the rocks and captured the waves coming crashing in.  

The pier was almost swallowed up in the mist, so much so that you couldn't see the end. I thought it looked rather beautiful, so away I went happy snapping it from afar, before heading underneath. 

It's really quite amazing how much the weather can change in the UK from one week to another, so I find it great to capture those moments.

Let's hope for better weather to come!
- MM x