Redcar Sunset

Admittedly, this photography trip one evening to Redcar was 90% a fail. I knew what I wanted to shoot, and had a vision in my head of how I wanted it to turn out. Unfortunately, after returning with half the beach in my shoes, and in my car, I found out that I had been using a far too high ISO so the photos were inundated with noise. There was only one 'decent' enough photos to share.

Annoyed, but thankful that I hadn't headed too far away for what turned out to be an almost complete failure. I have learnt a lot from that time on the beach. After purchasing two ND filters, I have become almost obsessed with using them. I don't know why, but I've had it in my head that I MUST use these filters in all my photography that captures water. But that evening, the natural daylight wasn't very bright anyway, and I was testing out my ND1000 and ND8 filters. To counteract with the little amount of light being able to enter the camera, my camera that was set to auto ISO that calculated the 'correct' ISO to capture a shot. With an extremely high ISO comes artificial light and a lot of noise, which isn't great. Especially when you want a clean and crisp shot. 

I will head back to Redcar beach, and recreate these photos one day. I'll have it in my head that I don't necessarily need to use my ND filters, and if I do, then maybe I need to purchase some lower numbered ones. 

I'm not happy at all with the photographs, but love the composition, textures and tones. I just wish I had played around with the settings a little bit more. But hey, what's a photography journey for a beginner like me without showing the failed shots? Not every photography exploration results in perfect shots, and that's fine, because I loved wandering up and down the beautifully soft golden sand, watching the wind turbines spin in the wind and the sun tucking itself in bed within the dark fluffy cloud. There's no better way to spend an evening than on the beach watching a sunset.

Redcar, I will be back. And I will conquer you.
- MM x