Crab Hunting and Sunset Chasing at Sandsend

Here we are again, at my favourite beach in North Yorkshire. Every time I visit here there is always something else that makes me fall in love with the place over and over again. Instead of heading on auto-pilot to the left-hand side of the beach towards Whitby, we explored the cliff edge nearest to the village. 

I had never explored the caves, and had always longed to. There is something so mesmerising when you gaze at cliff edges and admire the geology of it all. The geology at Sandsend is predominantly shale, which offers great contrast of colour with the dark rock against bright pastel pinks and orange skies during sunrise and sunset. There's no wonder so many landscape photographers flock to the North East coast!

I also couldn't pass the cliffs by without capturing the bright green moss against the dark rock. The shapes and contours of the cliffs that have been gradually eroded by the sea also makes great subjects in photographs. I can see why geologists do what they do and are fascinated by rocks, especially when you stop to consider how old they could be. 

I will never be bored of sunsets at Sandsend. Oh, and my boyfriend was kept highly amused hunting for crabs along the shale finding a big monster crab, as well as a few tiddlers!

- MM x