Cresswell Beach at Dusk

Cresswell Beach at Dusk

I jumped at the chance of staying a night in a little stone cottage right on the cliff’s edge at Cresswell with the in-laws. I had never been to Northumberland, and had always wanted to. From the photography I have seen in Northumberland, the beaches look insane. Almost as if it isn’t in the UK. Long stretches of golden sand, waves crashing and sand dunes towering over the beach. My kinda feel. My kinda beach.


With it only being around 1hr30 from where we live, I really kicked myself for not exploring there before. Cresswell beach is the ‘Gateway of Druridge Bay’. A bay stretching over 7 miles of golden sand from Cresswell to Amble. I was beyond excited to capture the beach at sunset and sunrise. It really would have been very rude to not go out for the golden hours of the day since the beach was around 100 steps away from where we were staying. 

Poppy and Dixie (doggies) were having the absolute time of their lives. You could really tell that they were just as happy to be on holiday as the rest of us were. We had lunch at the local beach cafe, which was delicious. So much so, we went back the next morning for breakfast, and oh my goodness the vegetarian breakfast with veggie haggis is to diiiiiie for. With dinner in our bellies, I scooted off the sofa with my camera to capture golden hour. My patience was really tested when I was stood for what seemed a lifetime trying to capture a shot of waves crashing over concrete blocks protruding from the sand. Forgetting my release cable was really not a great idea since every time I started the 2 second timer, the what-could-have-been perfect wave crashed over and left my scene well before my camera shutter clicked. Argh! Patience was wearing thin, so I ended up using continuous shutter and capturing a series of shots hoping for at least one decent one with the added risk of image wobble and the shot being out of focus. But hey, I was fairly happy with what I had captured with the blocks, and the previous shots of the deep orange sunset. 

Happy and content, I trotted back in and off to bed ready for a 3.30am alarm for sunrise the next morning. 

- MM x