Cresswell Beach at Dawn

Cresswell Beach at Dawn

As much as I am a morning person (usually), a 3.30am alarm in the middle of summer for sunrise is a test for my passion of photography. The whole cottage, minus the boyfriend but including the doggies were up ready for a walk on the beach.


Surprisingly enough (or not) there wasn’t a soul on the beach other than us. I think that’s what I love about getting up at sunrise, you rarely share the sun rising with anyone else, other than nutty photographers like myself (or anyone else that you either drag out or actually wants to join you). Sunsets are a little more popular for non-photographers, as it’s often a time of day that they would usually see, not 4am. 

Unlike the deep orange sunset 6-7 hours ago from these shots, the sunrise was pastel pink, with rich deep pink clouds scattered across the sky. It was pretty easy to capture a shot that I was pleased with, since everything was so beautiful. I have a deep love for seascapes and capturing waves crashing, but it’s always a bonus and a special moment when the sky is popping with colour. After an hour switching my compositions around the beach, clambering up sea dunes and ‘uhhing, and aaahing’ at the beautiful colours it was time to head in for the second cuppa of the day, watch the news, tuck into some biscuits and take a nap. 

What a glorious way to start a day in a beautiful coastal village with great company.

- MM x