Cloud Chasing

It's been over a month since I last spent time on here, crazy how time flies! I also hadn't touched my camera in 5 weeks, until last Friday where I spent my evening chasing storm clouds across the North York moors. 

In a bid to actually go outdoors after work, I decided after watching one of my favourite YouTube landscape photographers to chase some clouds. End of last week we had some cracking storm clouds and rain clouds, so I was desperate to try and capture the dramatic scenery. 

I hadn't realised how tiring work is when you start a new job, so felt disappointed in how long it took me to pick up my camera again. I did have a cracking time trundling up single track roads, and squealing to a stop to frantically jump out with my camera. But I still struggle with capturing scenes over land that do not involve any water. Photographing water scenes - at the coast or waterfalls - seem to come much more naturally, specifically with the camera settings.

So here's a nudge to myself to get out more with my camera. I'm almost tempted to take my camera to work with me every day incase of coming across a fabulous photography opportunity on my scenic route home! 

- MM x