One of my favourite seaside towns. How lucky am I to live 30 minutes away? 

After collecting my new car (which has become more of an excuse to go out and about), I saw that the clouds and skies were looking promising for a spectacular sunset. Off I went, testing out the new girl up and down the hills of the North York Moors planning on capturing the Whitby Abbey at sunset. 

Whitby Abbey didn't happen. I am constantly drawn to the beach when my camera is with me. I just can't help it - the sea is a magnet for me. Also, there was a lovely sea haze loitering over the beach towards Sandsend, so I thought, Whitby Abbey, you can be for another day love. Maybe sunrise, since the days are gradually drawing in and sunrise isn't that early anymore... and I pass Whitby on my way to work. 


2/5s - f/7.1 - 55mm - ISO100

I haven't been down West Cliff at Whitby for years, so I thought it was a superb opportunity to shoot some rocks as a foreground towards Sandsend into the golden glow of sunset. When I first arrived, around an hour before sunrise, the sky was a light golden glow, quite delicate and soft. See image below...


2/5s - f/16 - 55mm - ISO100

But as I stood admiring the waves crashing in, the sky suddenly glowed a deep orange, almost as if the sky was on fire. Just as I set up this shot, a seagull perfectly strolled into the scene and posed for me. 


1/8s - f/8 - 55mm - ISO200

After the deep burning orange, came the pinky, purple orange skies just as the sun was setting. It was just such a beautiful sunset, and I was so glad that I made the trip out to Whitby. And Maggie the Mazda, well she is my new partner in crime for photography trips. 


Focus stack, 18mm - ISO100

As I build my portfolio of photography, and develop my skills more I am contemplating taking the plunge into selling prints from this blog. Hopefully by next year! 

- MM x