Blea Hill Beck Falls

Blea Hill Beck Falls

A Sunday adventure into a pine forest to hunt for a waterfall. 

As always, I scan the internet for waterfalls in the North York Moors and circle them all on my OS Map, ready and waiting for the chance to go exploring. While I was scanning the web, I came across photos of Blea Hill Beck Falls, and it tickled my fancy. 


Blea Hill Beck Falls - Near Whitby, North Yorkshire

As usual, I was faffing and forgot my phone - which had the directions to the waterfall. Luckily though, I had packed the OS map and thrusted it into Louis' hands to be the map master. I cannot read maps to save my life. Often I'll find myself, what I like to call 'finding new places' (everyone else would just call it being lost...) while out and about, regardless of how many times I will try to memorise the map and instructions before I leave. 

So, I followed the lead down boggy trails, was pricked by pine trees, down the side of a vertical mossy bank, and along algae covered rocks down the beck to find the waterfall. 

After a very dry summer, the waterfall was definitely not in full force as I had previously seen from other photographs. It made me question if we had gone the right way... and found the right waterfall. We also came across this little waterfall, which was 'either a waterfall or a large person peeing'. Thankfully it wasn't the latter... 


Despite treacherous conditions, landing myself in the beck and squelching my way back to the car, it was well worth the scramble to find it. I would love to go back again when there's been a load of rain! Oh, and I also found the perfect Christmas Tree - shame it would be naughty to chop it down!!!!!

- MM x