How's the Beast from the East treating you this week? 

Day 1 of the snow storm, and I LOVED IT. It's my kind of weather, and I suppose it helps being a student and working from home. Surprisingly, despite all the distractions of the snow, I got a fair amount of my final year project done yesterday in between the shouting of 'THERE'S ANOTHER BLIZZARD!!' or 'THERE'S ANOTHER CAR SLIDING DOWN THE ROAD'.

Since it was on off on off snow showers all day here, I didn't venture out with my Canon. Instead I took the GoPro out for a toddle, and took some pics on my phone. Boy did I have fun! I crunched away in the snow wearing skiing gear that I hadn't got out of the wardrobe in 10 years, got caught in a brief blizzard (and loved it), smothered in wet warm kisses from an overly friendly staffy (minging), and met some fellow snow nutters on the way. I videoed my walk, and haphazardly edited it when I got home. Apologies if you get even slightly sea sick/travel sick/motion sick when watching this, I'm new to the whole videoing malarky. 

It was pretty cool to see the cliffs and the beach smothered in snow as it was something that I have never seen before. A rare moment in time! I am genuinely considering whether I should up sticks and move somewhere that is snowy 90% of the time. I am never AS HAPPY when it is pure sunshine than when there are blizzards and weather warnings for good coverings of snow. That is surely a good enough sign? Bye UK, Hun. 


Bright blue skies and sunshine was pretty much the rest of yesterday, pretty boring to be honest. And then BAM! Blizzards from around 6pm onward. I got so excited that I went out to 'check the cars', which really was an excuse to walk in fresh crisp snow, wear my skiing gear again, and grin like mad in the blizzard. Then all the dramz (drama) happened. I love a bit of drama outside the house, the perk of living on a high street of an A-class road, hey! Snow had settled prettttttty well on the road, and we had three cars sliding across the road, one almost crashing into the pub, one car stuck and queue further down the road. There I was, head stuck out the window 'ummmming and aaaaaahing' at the drama that unfolded before my eyes. I felt like I was a responsible adult (maybe) on Neighbourhood watch duty... but when I saw the neighbour-but-one run out of her house to help the man stuck who had slid all the way down the road, I felt guilty for not doing anything other than standing and staring from my first floor window...

I think it is safe to say that the word of the day yesterday, and most used word was certainly 'BLIZZARD'. We had gale force winds battering the back of the house, so I wondered what we would wake up to...... more snow hopefully. Are we going to be snowed in? Am I going to open the door to a wall of snow? (I HOPE SO) 


Let's see what the rest of the week has in store for us....

Stay safe, and warm.
- MM x