My Fav Parts of my House

My Fav Parts of my House

Home is where my heart is, definitely. I'm very much a homely girl. I'd take sitting on a sofa, under a blanket, with a fire on and a film/boxset/TV on, over a night out any day. If I'm honest I can't even remember the last time I went on a 'night out'. Am I old?

I have so many little quirky things around the house of which I think, 'Gosh, I do love that'. Some things have been passed down, inherited, gifted, or just bought for myself from myself. I LOVE retro things, I think old school signs, prints and designs are the best. At an auction once, I desperately wanted to bid on an old letter box. What on earth I would do with it, or where I'd put it, is beyond me. But, man oh man was it cool! There was also an old newsagent news headline metal frame with 'Cambridge Evening News' on it, that I envisioned on one of my walls at home. Unfortunately, it went for hundreds of pounds - more than my measly fifty pounds. 


I love my lounge, especially the exposed Yorkshire brick wall. Also, my mantlepiece. I have a thing for drift wood, and anything else I find on the beach. I have a whole basket of things that I have found on Saltburn beach, MANY sea glass. So on Christmas Day 2016, I found my mantlepiece on Saltburn beach. It was the most beautiful piece of drift wood ever, and I could not resist but take it home with me. My father cleverly mounted my beloved driftwood onto my chimney breast. OH, I do love it. 

Kitchen / Back of the House

My kitchen has the worst lighting ever for decent photos, 'cos the main source of natural daylight is two little skylight bubbles. I have a lovely set of shelves for my herbs and spices, as well as a lovely plate rack passed on to me from my Grandma (which is a running theme throughout my house! Thank you Grandma). There's also a lovely large shelf which used to be my parent's mantlepiece. This print that I bought from John Lewis a few years ago, always makes me giggle. You gotta do your laundry guys!

Just off my kitchen I have a long thin room which has no name. It's neither a dining room, nor a utility room - it's practically my laundry room and tea room. Do you love tea as much as I do? Herbal, and normal, loose leaf and tea bags. I have it all. Also, got a good selection of tea pots, and bone china Kath Kidston set of tea mugs - which only come out 'when the queen comes around'. Last year, I was dyyyyying for a lovely sideboard for the back room. My parents found this one in an auction down South, and oh-my-goodness is it ~beautiful~. It's where I keep my mountain of cookery books, of which I rarely look at... Are you one of those people too? I LOVE to buy cookery books, especially ones with amazing photography. But, I'll get to the stage of the standard, 'what shall we have for dinner?!', get all ratty with each other 'cos we are hangry, and forget I have a cookbooks full of ideas... Typical me. FYI, I hate Coca-cola, and the company itself, but I LOVED the retro kitchen tin, and American diner style napkin holder that I found in Home Bargains almost three years ago. Oh, and if you don't drink Yorkshire Tea, leave now. 

Lilly Queen of Sass

While I was hunting around my house for my fav parts, Lilly decided that a photoshoot is not a photoshoot without her involvement. Have you ever come across such a poser for a feline? She loves having her photos taken. I think it is 'cos she KNOWS how pretty she really is. Vain, but lovable..


I seem to have a colour theme for each room of the house. Back room - pinky purples, kitchen - mint green and grey, downstairs toilet - yellow, spare room - light yellow and white, lounge - white and grey, and my bedroom - green and white. Obviously a lot nicer than it sounds!! In my spare room, the lighting was horrendous, so I sadly could not get the pictures I really wanted. I have a print in yellow and orange, (again, from John Lewis) that says, 'Do some work', very apt.  

In my top bedroom, I have my favourite curtains. The pattern though! You may be wondering where I bought the epic cacti pin art, well, I hate to break it to you, but you can't buy it in the shops. For Christmas this year, my mother's side of the family agreed to do a homemade or charity shop Christmas. This was the gift made for me by my brother. I LOVE it. 

The Stairs

I have so many stairs in my house it's bonkers. I always dreamt of living in a three-storey house, but never really considered the reality of it. The amount of times a post person/ delivery person has knocked on the door and thought that I wasn't in, but really I was clambering down the three flights of stairs! When I first moved in, I bought a picture shelf from IKEA and never got round to putting it up. With my DIY head on, I attempted, and perfected putting up this shelf BY MYSELF. Pat on the back for me. I was very proud! And I also put up my flying ducks (was VERY careful to double check for a spelling mistake then...) that my boyfriend's father gave me for Christmas. On one of the many small landings on the stairs is a nice deep window sill, where I have a shelf of house plants - that I am struggling to keep alive. Help. Spot Ivy's brown spot... :( 

What do you love most about your house?

- MM x