Quater Life Crisis? I'm Not Quite 25 Yet

Quater Life Crisis? I'm Not Quite 25 Yet

I think I've lost the plot. Like, genuinely lost it. 


I'll paint the picture for you, almost three years ago I bought my house (lucky devil I am, I know), and it's still not fully finished, in the DIY sense. Last month I had only just 'got round' (with that I mean, stopped being lazy), to decorating my bedroom. Ridiculous, I know. Probably for about one and a half years, I've been sleeping in a MAGNOLIA bedroom with random bits of new plaster over the new wiring. I HATE magnolia, is it even a colour? It's not, is it? It's minging, and I am revolted in myself for living that long without decorating. What was I thinking?

Anyway, my bedroom is on the top floor of my three-floored house, so it's pretty big. It has a kind of dressing room attached to it, in a sense. So, instead of having the standard four walls, I have eight. Wow, eight walls of magnolia - gosh, sorry I still haven't quite recovered from the realisation of this. I kind of got a little carried away on John Lewis website the other day. John Lewis, I hear you say, oooo posh. Nope, not a posho. I think that these prints that I purchase from John Lewis - I have a few already around the house - are the only few things that I can actually afford on a student budget. I'm not sure what went through my head when I ordered twenty four postcard sized prints, and a larger print. Was I OK? All I was thinking was 'I have some right ol' bland walls now, I'm gonna have to brighten them up.' Little OTT?!

Just to make it worse, we popped to Ikea the other day to purchase picture frames. Twenty four of them. Twenty four!!! Twelve white, twelve black. I spent an entire recorded 6 Nations game taking off the packaging and putting the prints in the frames. That's eighty minutes. Eighty minutes I will never see again. Is this where I begin my journey down the slippery slope that continues throughout life?

It was a struggle to put them all up, since my walls are either too hard or too crumbly to drill in. So, I had to have a venture out to B&Q to get some hard wall hooks, and then realised that the hooks were too large to go through the loops on the back of the frame. I worked my magic, and all the pictures are balancing! Ha! Quarter life crisis? Come on in, join the 'lost the plot' club.

Oh, and annoyingly, my boyfriend pointed out that 'CALM' looks like 'CLAM' and all I can now see is 'CLAM'....

- MM x