Snowmaggedon on The North East Coast

Day 2 of our very wintery week has left the town we live in battered by strong Easterly winds. Nearly lost my glasses off my head when I opened the window to sneak at the blizzards, and almost had my dissertation notes blow out the window.

I don't think we were expecting to get the amount of blizzards that we had yesterday at all. It kinda just was like 'BAM! Have some snow'. 

We ventured out mid morning once all the drama had subsided from the early morning traffic and road situations. The bypass up the road was blocked around 7am because of a line of abandoned cars, and snow drifts. We went past the roundabout around 11am, and I am not even remotely exaggerating, one of the roads that is a single track lane had about a 1m of snow drifts. Mental! We got home safe, do not worry - I'm not sat in an igloo right now typing away...

On the way out, when we were scrapping off the tonne of snow off the car, a man came by saying that there was knee deep snow up the top fields. So me being me, was DESPERATE to go and find it. When we got back from Uni, and had some lunch I dragged us out for a walk up the road - which is this video below.

Living ma best life being caught in a blizzard and thunder snow! Woooooonderful. 

See you tomorrow for Day 3 update...

- MM x