Peanut Candles and Mealworm Pellets

Peanut Candles and Mealworm Pellets


So, during the evening on Wednesday we had EXTREME blizzards. In the morning I woke up wondering where my front garden had disappeared to. I've never seen snow like this in the UK before, and you know what, I have loved every minute of it! 

I spent the early morning watching BBC Breakfast waiting to see all the drama from the night before while sipping my cuppa. I sat there thinking, if we're in the outskirts of an amber weather warning, and we got this much snow, then what the heck is it like for those places across the UK in red warning areas! Until I got up and showered, I just spent an hour just curtain twitching like a right nosy parker, felt like I was the lead coordinator of Neighbour Watch or something! 

Compared to other snow drifts across the country, the ones on my next door neighbour's flat roof was pathetic, but LOOK SNOW DRIFTS! How cool! I have said it before, many times, and will probable never stop saying, but snow makes EVERYWHERE look so pretty! 

In the morning I also went out in the front garden to feed the resident blackbird who often comes around for a cuppa and a slice of cake (when I say cake, I mean worms). Felt so bad that this poor bird had no food or drink, so on Tuesday we had went out and got some peanut candles (which smelt AMAZING and delicious - is that weird?) and some meal worm pellets. Definitely think the blackbird was grateful for my thoughtfulness. You're welcome, bbz. 

During the day I was hoping that there was gonna be some snow showers so I could capture it on a time-lapse, but unfortunately no snow came! Regardless, here's my time lapse. I find time lapses quite therapeutic, so if you're as strange as me, then you'll be in for a treat! 

Lilly has pestered me to let her write a diary entry of her experiences in the snow, so expect Lilly with very cold feet, and attacking snow (which is SO CUTE) tomorrow!

See you tomorrow,
- MM x