Paw Prints in the Snow

Lilly begged, and begged for me to let her have her time in the spotlight here on MoreMaud. So, as she is cute and ever so sassy, I had no option other than give in to her demands (which is a more regular occurrence than you can imagine). 

When the snow came down on Tuesday, Lilly was VERY intrigued with what the white stuff was. She has seen and been in snow before, but not to this extent of snow I don't think. Lilly just sat at the backdoor when I was doing my time-lapse on the GoPro watching the snowflakes drift down. 

I could see her psyching herself up for stepping out in it. It took a while, and a little encouragement, but we finally ventured out. 

She attacked the snow, looked confusingly at it, then realised 'SH*T it is cold on my tootsies' and headed back in following her paw prints. Unbelievably intelligent, so much so she knew exactly to follow her tracks to avoid even more coldness on her tootsies!!!!

Excitement seemed to deteriorate dramatically, so there was no more snow ventures for Lilly for the rest of the week, just snuggles and food (standard Lilly). 

I am sure Lilly will pester me for some more posts on MoreMaud, but for now she says thank you for (hopefully) enjoying watching her adventures in the snow. 

Until next time,
- MM x